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What Kinds of Safety Gloves Can Be Divided Into?

Labour protection gloves were used to protect the user’s hands, and is one of the personal protective equipment, according to different environment, there are different gloves with different functions to choose. There are so much safety gloves on the market, how to classify them?  Let us explain to you as following:
1. Insulating Gloves 
Made of rubber,  not only has good electrical insulation characteristics, but also has good mild tensile and tensile length, as well as puncture resistance, aging resistance, fire resistance and low temperature resistance.
2, Acid and Alkali Resistant Gloves
It can be made of rubber, latex, plastic and dip plastic respectively. It has a protective effect on acid and alkali. When using this kind of gloves, it is necessary to check whether the gloves have frost spray, brittle, sticky and damaged. 
3. Oil Resistant gloves
Made of Nitrile Rubber or Polyurethane, it is used to protect the skin of the hands from the irritation of grease substances, offers good grip and abrasion.
4. Welding Gloves
Made of ox, pig marmoset or two-layer leather, can be divided into two finger type, three finger type and five finger type according to the finger type. In the face of high temperature, molten metal, spark burning has the role of hand protection.
5. Anti-Vibration Gloves
On the basis of knitting yarn or leather gloves, foam, latex and air laminated synthetic rubber or foam rubber are added to the palm of the gloves to absorb vibration. Or TPR chips sewing or heat heal on the back of the glove to protect people from working.

6, Fire Retardant Gloves
The current fire-retardant gloves are generally made of fire-retardant canvas or other fire-retardant fabrics, which are generally used in smelting furnaces or other types of furnace work.

7. ESD Glove

8. Cut Resistant Glove

Post time: Oct-11-2022