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What kind of gloves do I wear with a lawn mower?

When mowing the lawn, safety should always be your top priority. Gloves are an essential piece of equipment for protecting yourself from cuts, scrapes and burns. Depending on the task at hand, different glove types are better suited than others. For general-purpose lawn care, leather work gloves provide good protection while still allowing you to handle your tools with ease. Kevlar gloves can be used for more specialized work like edging or trimming, as they offer additional coverage and are flame-retardant in case of sparks flying from the blades of the mower. Nitrile rubber gloves provide superior chemical resistance and can be used when handling herbicides or other hazardous materials. Choose a glove type that best fits your needs – by investing in the right protection, you’ll be able to keep yourself safe while getting your jobs done quickly and efficiently.


Post time: Jan-04-2023